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The other day I wrote a post about my issues with squat challenges which you can check out here. Now it’s really easy to point out flaws with something. But it’s another thing all together to do something about it. So I thought I would go ahead and create my suggestion for a 31 day program targeted at giving you an amazing butt. Now you will notice that this program isn’t every day like some programs. This is important to allow your body to recover and get stronger. Feel free to insert your own regular cardio or upper body workouts into the off spaces. If you want to try the program go ahead and download and print the images if you like for your wall. If you have any questions about the program my ask box is always open. 

August 1st is on Thursday. Who’s in???

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A good chart to show hold long your vegetables, fruit and… other stuff would stay fresh for. Brought to you by visual.ly, a place with a TON of infographics, maybe the biggest on the web. 

[More Health Infographics Here]

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don’t forget this, your body NEEDS rest days!

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